Rebecca Jingyi Zhou  /  Thinker / Designer / Maker
Bold Creator.
Hungry Learner.
A psychology-background creative with solid design and technical experience.
Rebecca is currently a first-year ITP (Interactive Telecommunications Program) student in NYU. She mainly focuses on designing user-centered digital/hardware prototypes for emerging tech with fluent and friendly experience. She worked as a researcher at Daimler to discover the potential opportunities of combining advanced AI/IoT/chips and sensors with car industry. She also interned as a UX Designer in Lenovo Research, researching and designing a video-conference IoT Kit (Prove-of-Concept Phase) with colleagues.

Prior to ITP, Rebecca was a psychological researcher studying in Peking University, China, where she excelled at designing experiments and analyzing behavior/EEG/brain-imaging data to find out hidden rules and patterns. Her research focuses were mostly computational modeling for economic decisions and neural mechanism of "death" concept.

She loves to explore new things and in her spare time, she photographs, paints, and travels a lot.
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